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Reality | In development | 13 Episodes x 26´

The series tells the story of seven women who have embraced the mission of making justice on paper meet reality. This documentary shows the making, the conflicts and the intimate intricacies of this search.

The relationship between law and human drama is the conflict that guides each protagonist. These judges work in different areas of the justice system, in forums located in different parts of the city. Each forum exists in its own universe, with conflicts, characteristics and particular work culture, where the judge always has the central role.

The judges portrayed are women of different personalities and styles, each with their professional achievements and frustrations. In common, the need to understand a complex reality and judge it properly, knowing that its decision can dramatically change a life. With exclusive access, the series will provide an overview of these cases, creating an unprecedented documentary in Brazilian television.


Docu series – 5 episodes x 52′

This television documentary series addresses the most relevant contemporary issues from eight countries of the region (Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba and Paraguay), and encourage the exchange of knowledge about the continent.

Initially five major themes will be discussed: urban art, fashion, cuisine, literature and democracy. Artists, writers, entrepreneurs, activists and intellectuals representing their respective areas will lead the viewer on a journey to the most relevant issues in each country.


Cocaine, sodium bicarbonate and water. The mixture of these substances is the basis for crack, a drug that stirs a social, constabulary and political debate in society. The Unveiling Crack series addresses the issue through a different perspective: science, as opposed to the vision of who is immersed in this universe, the user. On one hand, crack users as parents, working women and youth with dreams. On the other, data that often shows that addiction is not generated by the drug itself but by unemployment, poor education and lack of perspective in the life of that citizen. In each chapter, the series follows the daily lives of two characters. The first, an addicted user who may already be a long term user, a recent addict, a mother, a father, middle class, among other profiles. The second has the drug somehow involved in their daily life: a former drug dealer, a relative, a health professional or a merchant who has his business near a crack distribution site. Between one story and the next, researchers from various fields tailor the narrative using collected testimony and help unravel this universe.


Medical Drama

When he was a child, Vicente, son of Northeastern migrants, lives in São Paulo’s Zona Norte and witnesses an event that will mark his life forever: the tragic death of his mother, victim to the lack of medical assistance. Still in his arms, he makes her a promise: to become a professional doctor. “You make me proud, Vicente,” says the mother, just before dying. Vicente grows up dedicated, studying obsessively, revealing a great talent for medicine. Without financial support to attend a respected college, he concludes his studies in an obscure college. In spite of that, his great talent grants him a job as a resident doctor in a private hospital. There he starts to be segregated due to his social origins and witnesses for the first time, the excellent conditions the upper class has while undergoing treatment. Refusing to accept the awful conditions of public health services, he makes a radical decision: to set up a clandestine practice in his own house, where he starts treating the destitute and the marginalized, with the few resources he can gather, undercover, from the hospital. Then, he starts living between two opposing worlds: in one, he tries everything to be promoted and have his talent acknowledged in the hospital; in the other, he clandestinely sees the unassisted in his improvised practice. He wants to seek the cure for a sick world and he also wants to fulfill the promise made to his mother of becoming a respected doctor (the cure to his own dramas and dreams).

However, if he is promoted in the hospital, he’ll need to shut down his practice. And if they find out about the practice, he loses his job in the hospital. Which of these paths will Vicente choose?