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Docu Reality | 16 episodes x 26′

With a lifestyle in the most desired beaches in the world, under the watchful eyes of those ready to protect its visitors: Lifeguards, Rio de Janeiro´s firefighters.

The view is perfect to relax and where you think you can have fun can also be dangerous territory where life and death rub shoulders at any moment. Southern currents make Rio´s beaches one of the most dangerous in the country. Prepared for the unexpected and reciting their motto, “ready for the worst”, Rio´s lifeguards are known to be the best in the world.

Rio to the Rescue closely follows the friendship and companionship shared amongst these beach heroes, their family relations and dilemmas, both in and out of the sand. This doc-reality series shows human drama in heavenly surroundings, with action-packed episodes lead by these real-life heroes.


Direção executiva: Fátima Pereira, Luciana Pires, Monica Monteiro e Luis Antônio da Silveira
Gerente de Produção: Thalita Portugal, Bárbara Libânio e Vanusa Spindler
Direção Geral: Ana Sardinha
Direção: Lucas Margutti, Pedro Ianhez, Fernanda Rondon e Gideon Boulting
Assistente de Direção: Diogo Cunha, Daniela Arruda e Juliana Maldonado
Supervisão de Conteúdo: Jorge Pestana
Roteiro: Marcio Vianna, Ludmila Espíndola e Rodrigo Azevedo
Story Producer: Ludmila Espíndola, Jorge Pestana, Vívian Salgueiro e Marcio Vianna
Direção de Produção: Carolina Cunha, Renata Amaral, Marcos Aquino, Jenifer Marques e Fernanda Moreno
Diretor de Fotografia: Leo Ávila e Martin Sciarretta
Técnicos de Som: João Zula, JP Fonseca, Benhur Machado, Douglas Vianna, Eduardo Almeida, Jussimar Oliveira
Coordenadores de Pós Produção: Juliana Baraúna, Leonardo Luzes, Lia Marzullo e Bernardo Cosendey
Colorista: Paulo M. de Andrade
Trilha: Studio Plug.In, Lucas Marcier, Fabiano Krieger e Silence
Mixagem: Studio Plug.In


In 1955, Juscelino Kubitschek is elected President of Brazil with a promise to modernize the country. To become the main symbol of his presidential term, he announces a transfer of the nation’s capital, until then in Rio de Janeiro, to a distant and uninhabited place where an entire city will be built in just a Thousand Days.

“Brasilia, A Thousand Days Saga” will tell the story of the construction of iconic modernist Brasilia, today a World Heritage Site, as never dared to before. The historic central plot which covers the political, cultural, architectural and human challenges of this unprecedented venture will be played by fictional characters created from real accounts. From a romanticized and action-filled structure, archival footage and original audio will be added to compose a narrative at the paramount of this epic era in Brazilian history.


Docu-drama 4 episodes x 60′ HD

Lilia Schwarcz, one of the most respected brazilian historians, and the actor Dan Stulbach are transported to historical scenes to unravel myths, reveal truths and comment on remarkable episodes of our country’s history with a brazilian touch of humor.
Who will give life to the characters of the past is a talented cast formed by names like Cristina Lago, Mario Hermeto, Yashar Zambuzzi, Magdale Alves, Charles Paraventi, Thaí­de, Lenine, Luiza Possi and others.


Documentary | 5 episodes of 52min

Slavery represented a rupture to an estimated 12.5 million Africans brought by force to the Americas between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, 46% of them to Brazil.

The series Brazil: DNA Africa aims to collaborate in the rescue process of the origin of Brazilians of African descent in telling the story of five ordinary citizens who have their DNA tested in order to discover their African heritage. Over 10 weeks of filming in five Brazilian states and five African countries, our Brazilian crew from DNA Africa captured the emotions of the characters as they discover their ethnic African ancestry.


Executive Producer: Monica Monteiro
Direction and Screenplay: Carlos Alberto Jr.
Soundtrack: Studio Muzak



Factual  | 26 Episodes

The “New Africa” series will show the continent through the eyes of their sons. From personal stories, topics such as politics, economics, popular culture, technology, environment, tourism, health will be covered in 26 chapters, 26 minutes each.

With a journalistic and objective language, the program goes from the individual to the collective, contemporary to historical and so, it will visit the past and present of African peoples and will connect it to other places, especially with Brazil.


TV Series  |  5 episodes x 52′

The “BRICS – the new middle class” series tells the impact of the economic and social changes in the lives of middle-class families in each of the five countries of the group.

With 42% of the world population, 20% of global GDP and a workforce of 1.5 billion people, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa modernized their economies, increased trade, employment and the income of their populations.

For a week, we followed the routine of five families to tell the changes in their lives. Interviews with experts in many areas help to explain the phenomenon of globalization and the emergence of a new global middle class.


Factual  |  15 episodes x 52′

From Egypt to South Africa. From Ivory Coast to Mozambique.

In each episode, the series brings great stories about the countries and an exclusive interview with their head of state. The proposal is to face the barrier of misinformation and provide a balanced, comprehensive and modern view about the African continent. The film shows historical aspects, characteristics, potential, problems and local culture. Further, it presents the life and career respective Presidents.