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Documentary | 1 episode of 70min

A musical documentary about the main rhythm from Mozambique.

The film tells the story Marrabenta from the 1940´s to the present day through testimonials and performances of legendary artists like Dilon Djindji, Xidiminguana, Wazimbo, Mingas Chonguiça and Chico Antonio Moreira. A festive music made for dancing and for parties, Marrabenta lives through generations and cultures, written and stored in the soul of Mozambicans. An international success in 60´s and 80´s, the rhythm is reborn again and reveals hidden treasures of the music to the world.


Cine Group
Executive Producer: Monica Monteiro, Leandro Estrela
Direction: Victor Lopes
Assistant Director: Carlos Noronha
photography : Markão Oliveira
Sound: Alexandre Pamplona
Production Director Mozambique: Edson Matavel, Teresa Viegas
Production Director Brasil: Luciana Pires, Felipe Favoretto


Documentary | 1 episode of 70min

It is 2014; 20 years after the end of apartheid and the election of Nelson Mandela as the first black president of a free, democratic South Africa. In the backdrop of national celebration; the country returned to the polls on May 7 2014 to choose a new leader. Among the millions of voters, we highlight the generation born after 1994 who had voted for the first time in 2014; a generation known as ‘the born frees.’

The documentary “BORN FREE” focuses on three generations of two black South African families who suffered under apartheid merely because of the colour of their skin : the Pooe and Sibeko families.

The stories of the two families reflect the struggle for freedom in the country: the grandparents, who spent most of their lives as second class citizens and only received the opportunity to vote in 1994; their children who were born in a racist society and grew up under the white minority apartheid regime; and their grandchildren, a generation born in a free South Africa.

Two decades after the momentous free, democratic elections; we follow the run up of the two families leading up the 2014 elections. the journey highlights the milestones achieved in 20 years and the new challenges that South Africa faces as an emerging democracy.


Executive Producer: Monica Monteiro
Director: Bernardo Rebello
Director of Photography: André Miranda
Sound & Camera Assistant : Amilson Lessa Vieira
Content Director: Carlos Alberto Jr.
Producer ( South Africa ): Tracey-Lee Dearham-Rainers
Producer ( Brazil ): Camila Torres
Mounting and Finalization – Daniel Prado

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Factual  | 26 Episodes

The “New Africa” series will show the continent through the eyes of their sons. From personal stories, topics such as politics, economics, popular culture, technology, environment, tourism, health will be covered in 26 chapters, 26 minutes each.

With a journalistic and objective language, the program goes from the individual to the collective, contemporary to historical and so, it will visit the past and present of African peoples and will connect it to other places, especially with Brazil.



Brazil is frequently described as the sleeping giant, finally awaking to realize its full potential.

Its economic power is growing steadily with its international commitments, with the profile to generate a new respect. This profile will be further illuminated in the coming years, because Brazil will host the two most important global sporting events: the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. As Brazil is revealed, demonstrating the giant it is, we must know what assured it’s come back for so long and what in its recent history allowed for its inevitable emergence.

In the center of our narrative lies the Brazilian family, showing its perspective throughout many generations and class divisions.



TV Series  |  5 episodes x 52′

The “BRICS – the new middle class” series tells the impact of the economic and social changes in the lives of middle-class families in each of the five countries of the group.

With 42% of the world population, 20% of global GDP and a workforce of 1.5 billion people, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa modernized their economies, increased trade, employment and the income of their populations.

For a week, we followed the routine of five families to tell the changes in their lives. Interviews with experts in many areas help to explain the phenomenon of globalization and the emergence of a new global middle class.


Documental Series | 4 episodes x 52’

In Silence discusses a world taboo – sexual abuse suffered by children and adolescents within their own families. The series is narrated in first person by the author, a journalist who lived the trauma of sexual abuse herself during childhood and decided to thoroughly investigate the subject. In Silence shows the phenomenon’s magnitude in the world and the consequences in the victim’s life, on the family and the whole society, discussing each one’s roll in dealing with the issue.



TV Series

Around the world, Brazilian music is considered one of the country´s main symbols. Further than only recognition, it is admired and worshiped by international audiences, revered by musicians, composers and performers from different countries. Through interviews and performances of Brazilian and Japanese musicians, the documentary Bossa Nova Rising Sun discusses to vast relationship between artists from Brazil and Japan, and shows how the passion for this musical style has shortened the distance separating the two cultures.


Feature Documentary

Selected for Rio de Janeiro Film Festival 2014

Aracy was a amazing woman!

From this phrase the director begins his search for Aracy de Carvalho Guimarães Rosa.
Anonymous heroine, died forgetting and being forgotten, Victim of Alzheimer’s in a country without memory.

The only Brazilian recognized between the nations, lived in the shadow of her husband, the famous writer João Guimarães Rosa.
Her subversive activity in the Brazilian consulate in Hamburg saved lives in Nazi Germany. Starting from a very little documentation available and prevented from speaking about her relationship with her ​​husband for copyright issues, the director throws light on this existence through their own personal motives.

And, what starts as a curiosity,suddenly turns into a deep gratitude


Executive Producer: Mônica Monteiro
Director: Caco Ciocler
Co-direction: Alessandra Paiva
Photographer Direction: Jacob Solitrenick e Geronimo Lessa
Visual programming: Rhamay ime e Renata Amado
Sound track: Felipe Grytz
Montage: Caroline Leone, Mariela Falatycki
Original sound track (compososer): Felipe Grytz
Sound designer: Felipe Grytz



The sound and rhythm of drums in different musical styles are the central themes of this documentary, produced by Cine Group in 2011, and launched in the Film Festival of Maputo, Mozambique.

The film shows images recorded in Brazil, Qatar, China, Portugal and several African countries. More than just music, ‘’Drums’’ portrays the culture of these nations, with all their differences.

In Brazil, the documentary recorded the vibration of the drums in the ‘’Tambor da Criola’’, typical movement of Maranhão, and listed as intangible heritage of the country.

‘’Drums’’ was screened at the Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro and the Doha Tribeca Film Festival, in Qatar.



Africa crossed the Atlantic and spread to the four corners of Brazil. It left its mark on religion, skin color and gastronomy. Even so, the relationship between the continent and our country is not confined to the past. Over the past eight years, 16 new Brazilian embassies were opened on the continent and our interests there, only increases. Our neighbors are developing and rebuilding. Many of its countries have an accelerated growth rate, averaging 12% per year. The world opens its eyes to Africa, but it lacks information about its diversity, its people and its prospects.

Values of Guinea will gather knowledge about a part of the continent that is becoming more prominent. The documentary will feature natural beauty, typical cuisine and the Guinean culture. It will be a tool to bring Brazil closer to its new business partner. From first-person accounts, we get to know the country through the eyes of its children.



For the first time, Brazilians will have the chance to know Malawi from the eyes of their people.

Century-old tales will be told on-screen. The documentary seeks to discover the customs and cultural features of Malawi, the dances and traditions that permeate the cheerful and welcoming population, depicting an immaterial heritage of the African continent.



Emergent Africa: not of poverty, war and loss, but of optimism and new horizons.

The series is a portrait of a new vision shared by Africans in Mozambique, South Africa, Senegal, Malaui, Marroco, Suazilinand, New Guinea, Cape Verde and Ghana.


Factual  |  15 episodes x 52′

From Egypt to South Africa. From Ivory Coast to Mozambique.

In each episode, the series brings great stories about the countries and an exclusive interview with their head of state. The proposal is to face the barrier of misinformation and provide a balanced, comprehensive and modern view about the African continent. The film shows historical aspects, characteristics, potential, problems and local culture. Further, it presents the life and career respective Presidents.


TV Series | 6 Episodes x 26′

Brazil has the flavor of feijoada, barbecue, vatapá, pigweed, duck in tucupí and a coffee after lunch… The premier restaurants in Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Pernambuco, Minas Gerais, Santa Catarina and Pará open their kitchens to present their special dishes. On the menu: many stories and curiosities. The Brazil Sensational series is a mesmerizing culinary journey.

Enjoy your meal!



Goal: Education

Different countries, different answers
The series talks about the educational system of PISA’s (International Program of Students Evaluation, in portuguese) most successful countries, which is organized and coordinated by OCDE (Organization to Cooperation and Economic Development, in portuguese).
The show presents experiences that can stimulate innovations in Brazilian schools. In order to comprehend the position of education in such different countries as Finland, Korea, Chile, China, Canada and Brazil, the Futura channel went into the classrooms and spoke to students, their parents, their teachers and specialists that articulate the connections between educational politics and daily practices.


Documentário | 10 Episodes x 26′ / 10 Episodes x 52′

Brazil’s greatest asset is its people. Happy, festive people who love to tell stories and show their culture to outsiders. Religion takes the form of popular celebration; faith and revelry inseparably intertwined. Each part of the country has its own popular culture. Such regional favorites as Boi Bumba, Cavalhada and the June Festivities reflect the great variety of popular traditions.


Documentary | 1 episode x 80′

This documentary breaches the history, opinions, questions, challenges and triumphs of five African women.

With the testimony of leaders Graça Machel, Leymah Gbowee, Sara Masasi, Nadine Gordimer and Luisa Diogo, the documentary also features common women, equally brave and victorious as they face their day-to-day challenges.


Feature Documentary | 1 Episode x 52′

Enter the island to see the island. Understanding this fascinating country requires a deep review of concepts and superficial interpretations that have been perpetuated over time.

This is why Cine Group travelled there to give a closer look at the existent similarities.

Hence, we show Cuba’s expression through the arts, sciences, culture and contemporary history, showing the world the real Cuba.


Executive Producer: Monica Monteiro
Screenplay: Lourdes Pasalodos / Caetano Curi
Director of Photography: Pedro Semanovschi
Editing: Eduardo Jung
Sound: Tony Avila / Pupy y los que son son
Visual programming: Jesiel Almeida
Soundtrack: Tony Avila / Pupy y los que son son


Documentary | 1 Episode x 72′

Lives dedicated to the fight against gender violence. In 70 minutes, the documentary “Women who care for women” shows the reality of social workers, police officers, psychologists, lawyers and other activists in the fight to protect victims, reducing the rates of aggression and building a more equal society.

Beyond the routine of work, the film reveals the lives of these women’s rights activists. Besides them, we’ll meet exciting stories of a Brazil that is changing, but that still needs the special care of these true warriors.


Cine Group
Executive Producer: Monica Monteiro
Direction: Otávio Chamorro e Fábio Brasil
Screenplay:: Otávio Chamorro
Photography: Fabio Brasil / Leonardo Feliciano / Geronimo Lessa
Editing: Eduardo Jung
Art Direction: Rhamay Lima
Sound: Jailson Lessa / Amilson Vieira
Soundtrack: Leon Bvuma


Documentary | 1 Episode x 86′

Throughout 2013, our team spent a week with a family of so-called “new middle class”, or new working class in each of the five countries that make up the BRICS group – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Experience of the film “Middle Way”, which portrays the lives of these five families in similar economic circumstances, their opinions, memories and dreams for the future emerged.


Executive Producer: Mônica Monteiro
Director: Julia Martins
Screenplay : Julia Martins
Director of Photography: Beto Campos e Amilson Lessa
Art Direction: Rhamay Lima e Renata Amado
Soundtrack: Bernado Gebara
Edition: Julia Martins