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Feature Film  |  Drama

“Last Stop” tells the story of an immigration odyssey from Lebanon to Brazil, which has a twist en route.

In the strange claustrophobia of the journey, two childhood friends end up fighting over a woman and one ends up falling over board.

Picked up by the police and sent to prison for not having documents, decades later, he is re-found and asked for forgiveness. But their disparate routes across life and the irreversible sense of time passed presents them with a huge human challenge.


Feature Documentary

Selected for Rio de Janeiro Film Festival 2014

Aracy was a amazing woman!

From this phrase the director begins his search for Aracy de Carvalho Guimarães Rosa.
Anonymous heroine, died forgetting and being forgotten, Victim of Alzheimer’s in a country without memory.

The only Brazilian recognized between the nations, lived in the shadow of her husband, the famous writer João Guimarães Rosa.
Her subversive activity in the Brazilian consulate in Hamburg saved lives in Nazi Germany. Starting from a very little documentation available and prevented from speaking about her relationship with her ​​husband for copyright issues, the director throws light on this existence through their own personal motives.

And, what starts as a curiosity,suddenly turns into a deep gratitude


Executive Producer: Mônica Monteiro
Director: Caco Ciocler
Co-direction: Alessandra Paiva
Photographer Direction: Jacob Solitrenick e Geronimo Lessa
Visual programming: Rhamay ime e Renata Amado
Sound track: Felipe Grytz
Montage: Caroline Leone, Mariela Falatycki
Original sound track (compososer): Felipe Grytz
Sound designer: Felipe Grytz