Cocaine, sodium bicarbonate and water. The mixture of these substances is the basis for crack, a drug that stirs a social, constabulary and political debate in society. The Unveiling Crack series addresses the issue through a different perspective: science, as opposed to the vision of who is immersed in this universe, the user. On one hand, crack users as parents, working women and youth with dreams. On the other, data that often shows that addiction is not generated by the drug itself but by unemployment, poor education and lack of perspective in the life of that citizen. In each chapter, the series follows the daily lives of two characters. The first, an addicted user who may already be a long term user, a recent addict, a mother, a father, middle class, among other profiles. The second has the drug somehow involved in their daily life: a former drug dealer, a relative, a health professional or a merchant who has his business near a crack distribution site. Between one story and the next, researchers from various fields tailor the narrative using collected testimony and help unravel this universe.