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TV Series – 13 episodes x 26′

Little Cook is a children´s series about cooking. Nutritionist Andrea Santa Rosa runs the kitchen with four children. The group, aged between 8 and 10 years, discovers that eating well is a delight. For 26 episodes, the characters put on the apron and playfully learn the nutritional values of the season´s fruits, the combination of food and its origins. They also visit plantations, markets, zoo´s and encounter a child’s common experiences, like the challenge to study for a test, the reconciliation of friendship or preparing a dish for a special visit. The objective is for children to acquire a taste in delicious and healthy food.


Factual  | 26 Episodes

The “New Africa” series will show the continent through the eyes of their sons. From personal stories, topics such as politics, economics, popular culture, technology, environment, tourism, health will be covered in 26 chapters, 26 minutes each.

With a journalistic and objective language, the program goes from the individual to the collective, contemporary to historical and so, it will visit the past and present of African peoples and will connect it to other places, especially with Brazil.