Documentary | 1 episode of 70min

A musical documentary about the main rhythm from Mozambique.

The film tells the story Marrabenta from the 1940´s to the present day through testimonials and performances of legendary artists like Dilon Djindji, Xidiminguana, Wazimbo, Mingas Chonguiça and Chico Antonio Moreira. A festive music made for dancing and for parties, Marrabenta lives through generations and cultures, written and stored in the soul of Mozambicans. An international success in 60´s and 80´s, the rhythm is reborn again and reveals hidden treasures of the music to the world.


Cine Group
Executive Producer: Monica Monteiro, Leandro Estrela
Direction: Victor Lopes
Assistant Director: Carlos Noronha
photography : Markão Oliveira
Sound: Alexandre Pamplona
Production Director Mozambique: Edson Matavel, Teresa Viegas
Production Director Brasil: Luciana Pires, Felipe Favoretto