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Documentary | 5 episodes of 52min

Slavery represented a rupture to an estimated 12.5 million Africans brought by force to the Americas between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, 46% of them to Brazil.

The series Brazil: DNA Africa aims to collaborate in the rescue process of the origin of Brazilians of African descent in telling the story of five ordinary citizens who have their DNA tested in order to discover their African heritage. Over 10 weeks of filming in five Brazilian states and five African countries, our Brazilian crew from DNA Africa captured the emotions of the characters as they discover their ethnic African ancestry.


Executive Producer: Monica Monteiro
Direction and Screenplay: Carlos Alberto Jr.
Soundtrack: Studio Muzak



Documentary | 1 episode of 70min

A musical documentary about the main rhythm from Mozambique.

The film tells the story Marrabenta from the 1940´s to the present day through testimonials and performances of legendary artists like Dilon Djindji, Xidiminguana, Wazimbo, Mingas Chonguiça and Chico Antonio Moreira. A festive music made for dancing and for parties, Marrabenta lives through generations and cultures, written and stored in the soul of Mozambicans. An international success in 60´s and 80´s, the rhythm is reborn again and reveals hidden treasures of the music to the world.


Cine Group
Executive Producer: Monica Monteiro, Leandro Estrela
Direction: Victor Lopes
Assistant Director: Carlos Noronha
photography : Markão Oliveira
Sound: Alexandre Pamplona
Production Director Mozambique: Edson Matavel, Teresa Viegas
Production Director Brasil: Luciana Pires, Felipe Favoretto


Serie Reality Lifestyle | 6 Episódios x 22′

​Six of the coolest european social medias specialized in food, fashion, music, trends, arts and adventure sports are about to live an unique experience in Brazil.

They will be hosted by other six equally cool bloggers and guided by them in a journey into the Brazilian lifestyle.

Forget the city tour, the traditional postcard picture, we will pass through the secret doors and hidden places to a very exclusive and cool Brazil, the one only brazilians know about.