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Documentary | 1 episode of 70min

It is 2014; 20 years after the end of apartheid and the election of Nelson Mandela as the first black president of a free, democratic South Africa. In the backdrop of national celebration; the country returned to the polls on May 7 2014 to choose a new leader. Among the millions of voters, we highlight the generation born after 1994 who had voted for the first time in 2014; a generation known as ‘the born frees.’

The documentary “BORN FREE” focuses on three generations of two black South African families who suffered under apartheid merely because of the colour of their skin : the Pooe and Sibeko families.

The stories of the two families reflect the struggle for freedom in the country: the grandparents, who spent most of their lives as second class citizens and only received the opportunity to vote in 1994; their children who were born in a racist society and grew up under the white minority apartheid regime; and their grandchildren, a generation born in a free South Africa.

Two decades after the momentous free, democratic elections; we follow the run up of the two families leading up the 2014 elections. the journey highlights the milestones achieved in 20 years and the new challenges that South Africa faces as an emerging democracy.


Executive Producer: Monica Monteiro
Director: Bernardo Rebello
Director of Photography: André Miranda
Sound & Camera Assistant : Amilson Lessa Vieira
Content Director: Carlos Alberto Jr.
Producer ( South Africa ): Tracey-Lee Dearham-Rainers
Producer ( Brazil ): Camila Torres
Mounting and Finalization – Daniel Prado

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TV Series

The “Doctors” series shows the daily life of a group of doctors at the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo, a point of reference in Brazil and in the world.
Professionals facing a day full of dilemmas and situations in which there is often no right or wrong answers, but there are choices. How to face the limits of medicine? How can each body respond differently to the same treatment? In an extreme situation, is there room for doubts and questions?
The series portrays the passions and difficulties of those who deal with what we value most: life.


TV Serie

In moments where many seek shade and fresh water, a city working night and day making money, thrives undercover. What is economy of this place during the summer? How important is it and what does it produce? What are the professions that require the hot weather? The High Season series will answer these questions and show the daily routine of different workers who contribute to the peculiarities and attractions of these “Summer Towns”.


TV Series | 6 Episodes x 26′

Brazil has the flavor of feijoada, barbecue, vatapá, pigweed, duck in tucupí and a coffee after lunch… The premier restaurants in Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Pernambuco, Minas Gerais, Santa Catarina and Pará open their kitchens to present their special dishes. On the menu: many stories and curiosities. The Brazil Sensational series is a mesmerizing culinary journey.

Enjoy your meal!



“Indústria no Mundial” retratará os efeitos da realização da Copa do Mundo no Brasil para a indústria nacional. Com depoimentos de representantes de entidades, órgãos públicos e empresários , o documentário mostrará de que forma os diferentes setores da indústria se preparam para a Copa, quais áreas concentram as melhores oportunidades e o que está sendo feito para que o país aproveite as perspectivas de crescimento geradas pelo evento. Serão tratados também os efeitos na economia que já podem ser sentidos, o impacto no turismo e o legado da Copa para a indústria brasileira.

Entre os cases de empresas retratados se destacam a empresa multinacional Sony (eletrônicos), a fabricante de ônibus Marcopolo (transportes) e a rede de Hotéis Windsor (turismo e hotelaria).

1 episodio de 48 minutos

Idioma : Portugues



Documentário | 10 Episodes x 26′ / 10 Episodes x 52′

Brazil’s greatest asset is its people. Happy, festive people who love to tell stories and show their culture to outsiders. Religion takes the form of popular celebration; faith and revelry inseparably intertwined. Each part of the country has its own popular culture. Such regional favorites as Boi Bumba, Cavalhada and the June Festivities reflect the great variety of popular traditions.